You have the ability to pay for all services of the Host.UA company with the help of Webmoney: dedicated servers, virtual hosting, colocation, datacenter services, etc.

Currently not accepted payments in the Webmoney WMU, use alternative means of payment:

You can make payment by WebMoney WMZ, it is possible to transfer the money to Z214192478775 according to the billed invoice, while making sure to fill in the ‘comments’ field with the login you have specified during the registration, considering that 1 WMZ = 8.5 UAH

If you have problems or questions on payment, please contact us by the phone number: +38 (048) 728-2-111 or by email at sales@host.ua.

Risks Acknowledgment

Offered goods and services are not provided on order of a person or enterprise using WebMoney Transfer . We are an independent entity providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprise system WebMoney Transfer , do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and does not bear any responsibility for our actions.

Verification done by WebMoney Transfer , only confirms our contact details and identity. Verification is performed on our own intention and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system of WebMoney .